Thursday, February 12, 2009


Welcome to my web log. I am female living in New York City, and I have the shrink and the tiny apartment to prove it. I'm disgusted by people who think they're something special, yet my job is to write about that something special in anyone.

I grew up with a dog named Pippin, years before that brief period of time in 2004 when it was cool to like Lord of the Rings. I once drove from LA to Vegas and shared a hotel with a nudist mom. I love horror flicks for their comedic value. I think Brandon Boyd is living right. I am an omnivore. I have vivid dreams and will gladly recount them to the nearest unsuspecting victim who calls himself my friend. I often wonder where all my free time has gone, then I remember this thing called the Internet.

In 1995 I started an online zine all about the Red Hot Chili Peppers, called Funky Monks. I would spend hours each week writing news stories, collecting fan musings and photos, designing the layout and sending the digest out to my 600 subscribers.

While I was getting my AA in Communications and Media Arts at SUNY Westchester, I was the entertainment editor of the school paper and received a "community builders" award for helping to reshape the tone of the paper and for bringing new, exciting musical acts to the college. I have also held a number of internships in the music industry.

I thoroughly enjoy working as a freelance writer. Unless you've got some Jim Halpert type looking for his Pam. Then I'd consider working in an office.

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